Pesto Chicken Sandwich with Cucumber

This sandwich is very fresh! 

 I thought as I was making it, “This needs a tomato!”  But I was all out.  So I stuck some thinly sliced cucumber in there instead, and completely forgot the lettuce because it was so tasty and fresh!

Here’s what you need:

  • Ciabatta or focaccia bread, sliced lengthwise
  • A mixture of equal parts mayo and pesto, slathered liberally on the bread
  • Some chopped chicken (I used leftover rotisserie chicken, but grilled would have been even better!)
  • Slices of mozzarella cheese, as thick or thin as you like
  • Lettuce, if you’re smart (don’t be like me)
  • Cucumber slices, thin
  • Slivered red onion
  • Tomato, if you have some, unlike me

Layer it all on in that order, and you have a tasty, fresh sandwich with a little crunch and a little zing. Enjoy!


Cranberry Ham Wrap

Yum, the pretty!

I promise not all my sandwich recipes include fruit…but it’s SO yummy!

 To make this wrap…

  • Blend together mayo and cranberry mustard
  • Slather on a whole wheat wrap
  • Top with romaine,
  • Sliced almonds or chopped pecans,
  • Dried cranberries,
  • Grated sharp cheddar,
  • And a couple slices of ham


Maple-Lime Strawberry Chicken Salad

This experiment went deliciously right.


I had leftover chicken, and strawberries, and I didn’t want to simply combine them in a wrap like I might normally do.  I wanted something NEW.  Chicken salad!  But what to use for the sauce?  Mustard with strawberries would not fly.

I had maple syrup and lime juice.  Maple-lime?  I wasn’t sure if people did that…but I was doing it now!

And now my mouth is very happy for it.

To make 1-2 servings of this delightful springish salad…

First, blend these together in a small bowl:

  • 2 large spoonfuls of mayo
  • A generous drizzle of real maple syrup
  • A teaspoon or so of lime juice

Second, combine all these ingredients:

  • Half a chicken breast, chopped
  • 4 medium strawberries, chopped
  • About a tablespoon of minced red onion (go easy on the onion and add more if needed…too much red onion flavor is an easy way to ruin a sandwich!)
  • A small handful of sliced or slivered almonds

Add as much of the sauce to the dry ingredients as needed, stir it all together, and adjust any ingredients to taste. Serve atop a green bed of lettuce on any sandwich or wrap, or even just wrap in a big lettuce leaf for a lettuce wrap.  I perched mine atop romaine on a beautifully deformed bagel – so tasty.  Enjoy!

This might be tasty with some fresh basil or cilantro in it…if you try it, let me know!

Turkey or Ham Wrap with Hummus


I’m still trying to figure out the best way to fill a wrap. Lettuce on the bottom?  Meat on the bottom?  I don’t think I quite have the knack yet, but this was pretty and delicious anyway!

  • One large wheat wrap
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of hummus for spread
  • A big handful of spring greens
  • 3 slices cold cuts, ham or turkey (I used both!)
  • 3 slices of a smooth, basic cheese (I used Cooper, but mozzarella might be even better!)
  • Slivered red onion
  • About half a plum tomato, sliced or chopped

Roll all those up together and you have a yummy combination!

Turkey Strawberry Wrap


Well, my mouth is very happy right now.  To make this heavenly combination, you will need:

  • Wheat or white tortilla / wrap
  • A spoonful mayonnaise mixed with a dollop of Dijon mustard and a drizzle of honey
  • Herbed turkey cold cuts
  • Grated cheddar
  • Leaf of romaine lettuce
  • One large cut strawberry
  • Some slivers of red onion
  • A small handful of sliced almonds

P.S.  Hello, readers!  I apologize for the long hiatus.  I have a HUGE backlog of yummy sandwich creations to share with you…keep an eye out for sammichy goodness!


Smoky Chicken Parmesan Sandwich on Garlic Bread


Yesterday I had a happy husband at lunch! I have to admit, the concept for this sandwich was all his idea. I only executed it. But he enjoyed it immensely!

We made ours with chicken parm from the night before, with smoked mozzarella, but you can do this with regular chicken parmesan, or even just any piece of chicken doused in marinara with mozzarella melted over the top.

Take some Italian bread and butter it on one side, then lay it out (dry side down) on a baking sheet, and sprinkle with garlic powder and a little dried basil. Put in the oven on “broil” for just 2-3 minutes…keep a sharp eye on it! You want it to be slightly toasted on top but not burned.

Make sure the garlic side is on the inside of the sandwich, stick some hot chicken parm in it, and devour!

Turkey Wrap with Mandarin Oranges and Poppyseed Dressing


When my siblings and I were young, we used to pretend that mandarin orange slices were slugs.

Pretend I never said that.

This wrap is basically a salad (shhh), put in a tortilla on top of a couple slices of smoked turkey. It made for a yummy lunch! It would be tasty as a lettuce wrap too – just put the lettuce on the outside instead of the tortilla. To make it as shown, you will need:

1. A tortilla or wrap
2. Turkey cold cuts
3. Some romaine lettuce
4. A few mandarin orange slices (I used canned, but you could peel and segment a whole fresh mandarin orange, too)
5. Some slivers of red onion…err on the skimpy side for this
6. Some sliced almonds, if you want
7. A drizzle of poppyseed dressing

Roll it up and crunch away! Now I want to make a lettuce wrap version. But all my slugs oranges are gone…boo. 😉