Turkey Strawberry Wrap


Well, my mouth is very happy right now.  To make this heavenly combination, you will need:

  • Wheat or white tortilla / wrap
  • A spoonful mayonnaise mixed with a dollop of Dijon mustard and a drizzle of honey
  • Herbed turkey cold cuts
  • Grated cheddar
  • Leaf of romaine lettuce
  • One large cut strawberry
  • Some slivers of red onion
  • A small handful of sliced almonds

P.S.  Hello, readers!  I apologize for the long hiatus.  I have a HUGE backlog of yummy sandwich creations to share with you…keep an eye out for sammichy goodness!



Turkey Wrap with Mandarin Oranges and Poppyseed Dressing


When my siblings and I were young, we used to pretend that mandarin orange slices were slugs.

Pretend I never said that.

This wrap is basically a salad (shhh), put in a tortilla on top of a couple slices of smoked turkey. It made for a yummy lunch! It would be tasty as a lettuce wrap too – just put the lettuce on the outside instead of the tortilla. To make it as shown, you will need:

1. A tortilla or wrap
2. Turkey cold cuts
3. Some romaine lettuce
4. A few mandarin orange slices (I used canned, but you could peel and segment a whole fresh mandarin orange, too)
5. Some slivers of red onion…err on the skimpy side for this
6. Some sliced almonds, if you want
7. A drizzle of poppyseed dressing

Roll it up and crunch away! Now I want to make a lettuce wrap version. But all my slugs oranges are gone…boo. 😉

Turkey Apple Panini with Cheddar and Thyme


My apologizes for the unattractive food photo…it may not look drop-dead gorgeous, but it sure tasted good! To make this yummy autumnal combo you will need:

1. Good-quality sandwich bread (actually I’d recommend some simple focaccia or ciabatta, but sandwich bread worked in a pinch!)
2. Mayonnaise and a little maple mustard, blended
3. Turkey cold cuts
4. Slices of sharp cheddar
5. A pinch of fresh thyme
6. Thinly sliced apple

Remember to butter the outside of your bread if you are going to grill it in a panini press!

Sandwiches and Friends Around the Web – Oct. 2014

Some sammiches I’ve seen that make my mouth water to try them!  None of these are mine and I haven’t made them (YET) but you can go to the blog where I found them by clicking the image or the blog title in the caption above.

Turkey Apple Brie Panini from Nutmeg Nanny.

This chicken pesto wonderment from a blog called Damn Delicious.

Healthy cashew chicken salad lettuce wraps from Tried and Tasty.

Now, I don’t like spicy food, but this looks so good anyway!!  Turkey-Brie Sandwich with Peaches and Arugula from Lemon Tree Dwelling.

I REALLY want to try making waffle sandwiches…using waffles for the bread!  I got the idea from using pumpkin waffles for Thanksgiving sandwiches, but then I found this Huffington Post list of waffle sandwiches….yuuuuum!  This one looked especially tasty, from a blog called A Beautiful Mess.  Eggs, bacon and avocado on cheddar waffles!

Happy sandwich inspirations!