Growing up, I was fed staple “kid sandwiches” for lunch – PBJ, cheese, ham or turkey, grilled cheese.  My siblings and I did not like any condiments except PBJ and plain butter (how naive we were!), so they were exceedingly simple creations.  Bored of these midday meals, I swore that my kids would never have to eat sandwiches, ever!

Then one year when I was a teen, my mother assigned me the task of inventing delicious lunch options for some out-of-town guests.

That summer, a love of sammiches was born.

Now they call me the Sandwich Maiden.  (I’m married by this point, so maybe I’m more of a Sandwich Matron, but whatevs!)  I keep this blog because it makes me happy…a little too happy…to put bread, meat, cheese, and condiments into glorious combos: sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, and all their relatives.

Stick around and follow me if this makes you happy too, or if you’re looking for inspiration to become a Sandwich Maiden (or a Sandwich Master!) yourself.

Please find me on Twitter!  Or follow me on Pinterest (tasty sandwiches abound)!

If you not only share my love for tasty eats, but also an affinity for science-fiction and fantasy, or my greater love of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you might enjoy my faith and fiction blog, the Simmering Mind.

May there always be bread in your pantry and mustard in your refrigerator door.

For the love of sammiches,
Bethany Jennings


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