Turkey Wrap with Mandarin Oranges and Poppyseed Dressing


When my siblings and I were young, we used to pretend that mandarin orange slices were slugs.

Pretend I never said that.

This wrap is basically a salad (shhh), put in a tortilla on top of a couple slices of smoked turkey. It made for a yummy lunch! It would be tasty as a lettuce wrap too – just put the lettuce on the outside instead of the tortilla. To make it as shown, you will need:

1. A tortilla or wrap
2. Turkey cold cuts
3. Some romaine lettuce
4. A few mandarin orange slices (I used canned, but you could peel and segment a whole fresh mandarin orange, too)
5. Some slivers of red onion…err on the skimpy side for this
6. Some sliced almonds, if you want
7. A drizzle of poppyseed dressing

Roll it up and crunch away! Now I want to make a lettuce wrap version. But all my slugs oranges are gone…boo. 😉


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